You will be able to order 1 or 2 tests to use yourself or give away to others. If you previously tested positive, you can order one or two kits to give to others. Also, HIV self-tests are usually not recommended for PrEP patients due to their lower sensitivity in detecting recent HIV infection during PrEP use. If you are using PrEP, you can order one or two kits to give to others.

Small, brown cardboard box
Fast, Free & Discreet
It’s simple and it’s free! Just complete the questions to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, then just enter your address (we can deliver anywhere). We’ll mail you an HIV oral rapid test (with complete instructions). The package will be discreet, with no label indicating its contents. After you use the kit, return to TakeMeHome to find additional resources.

Instructions on how to take the test:

Positive result instructions
Your results will be available in 20 minutes. Since this is a screening test, if the test is positive, you’ll need to follow-up with a confirmatory test. Find services near you.

Negative result instructions
If the test is negative you can learn more about PrEP or find a PrEP provider.

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